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Jams for Jericho

Posted on June 1st, 2017 by Brian Elliott Categorized In: Announcements

Jericho Jam – will be in full swing again this year, however, as we only use locally grown fresh fruit, we will need to wait until our harvests begin.  We anticipate strawberry, rhubarb and strawberry-rhubarb jam to be available by late June.  We would be more than happy to accept any amount of extra rhubarb that may be in your garden and turn it into jam!
There are still a few jars of 2016 jam available for sale at 2 jars for $5 as we are trying to clear our shelves for the 2017 jam. Please see Esther or Jodi at the Jericho Jam table after the 10:00 am service during coffee hour if you are interested. 

We continue to welcome donations of sugar, new lids, Certo pectin and jars. Also, did you know each glass jar costs almost $1?  And they can be re-used?  Please return your jars to Esther or Jodi, or leave them with Tim at reception during the week. Thank you!

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