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Prayers for Peace

Posted on March 15th, 2019 by Brian Elliott
Prayers for Peace
It was with a sense of shock and despair and disbelief that we awakened to the news of the mass killing of men, women and children in New Zealand this morning.  It is horrendous each and every time such acts of terrorism occur, and for it to happen as these innocent victims gathered for prayer makes it all the more inconceivable.  Not unlike the affect of the tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue in October 2018, we are left wondering why there is so much hatred in our world, and what we could possibly do to make a difference, to engender a sense of love and respect for those with whom we share God’s creation. 
Archbishop Justin Welby wrote that “Reconciliation is one of our greatest needs and toughest challenges as human beings.  In a world plagued by conflict, division and indifference, the Church has a crucial role to play as a community of reconcilers.  Jesus calls us to love God, our neighbours, ourselves and our enemies—a challenging command, with nobody left out…
It is with loving arms that we reach out to our brothers and sisters in the Muslim community in New Zealand and around the world, and especially to those in our own community of London. We hold them in our thoughts and prayers, that they might know that they journey not alone, but in the love and the light of the God who created us all.
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