St. Paul's Cathedral

Andrew Keegan Mackriell

One time Assistant Organist of Clifton Roman Catholic Cathedral, Bristol, England, worked as sectional rehearsal director and chorus master with many of the choral societies in Dublin, Ireland. He broadcast frequently for the BBC and the Irish broadcasting company, RTÉ, as both a singer and organist, particularly during his tenure as a Lay Vicar Choral and Acting Assistant Organist at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.
While living in Ireland he was the Cathedral Organist and Director of Music at St Brigid’s Cathedral in Kildare and the Accompanying Organist for the Choir of St Bartholomew’s Church, Dublin.
Andrew’s Canadian career began as the summer Assistant Organist at St James’ Cathedral in Toronto, a collaboration that lasted some thirteen years. In 2007 he was appointed Associate Organist at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Ontario, and, in 2011, Director of Music & Cathedral Organist, having been in the Acting role for the previous two years. He has been heard in numerous concerts and recitals throughout Ontario, and also in Quebec and Europe.
In May 2013, Andrew founded the Three Cathedrals Choral Festival, the first international event of its kind and also a first in Canada, bringing together the musical and artistic talents of the three St Paul’s Cathedrals in Buffalo, New York; Detroit, Michigan; and London, Ontario. The second Three Cathedrals Choral Festival weekend, in 2015, was hailed as a resounding success in promoting the arts, heritage, culture and choral music at London’s oldest church.
In late 2015, Andrew completed the Master’s Degree in Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, with research into the relationship between choirs and their congregations. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and the postgraduate Diploma in Sacred Liturgy from the Irish Institute of Pastoral Liturgy and the Pontifical University of St Patrick, in Maynooth, Ireland.
October 2016