St. Paul's Cathedral

Mission Statement

The music ministry of St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir exists:

  • to nurture the worshipping community of St. Paul’s in the faith and the expression of that faith through music 
  • to aid St. Paul’s congregations in worship by beautifying the liturgy with music
  • to lead the members of the cathedral congregations in expressing their own worship through song by encouraging a high level of musical participation
  • to provide musical leadership to the Diocese of Huron both at the cathedral and in the parishes of the diocese
  • to contribute to the life of St Paul’s Cathedral and of the wider London community 

In seeking to fulfil these aims St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir is also committed:

  • to fulfilling the duty of every cathedral since the Reformation to offer worship of the highest order of excellence
  • to maintaining and continuing to develop an authentic Canadian Anglican cathedral tradition, in particular as it is expressed in the Diocese of Huron
  • to striving for perfection in performance as befits the role of a cathedral choir
  • to being a role model for choirs in the parishes of the Diocese of Huron
  • to providing an opportunity for children with musical ability to train as singers in a professional atmosphere where the highest of standards are maintained
  • to supporting and engaging in the fund-raising and outreach projects of St. Paul’s

In order to achieve these goals St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir:

  • is an auditioned and paid choral organization open to singers of all denominations
  • places an extremely high reliance on vocal ability and extensive choral experience
  • requires highly developed skills in sight-reading
  • maintains a wide repertoire of choral and congregational music
  • requires a strong commitment from all singers in order to meet the needs of the extensive cathedral and diocesan liturgical schedule 

It is the privilege of the members of St. Paul’s Cathedral choir to serve the worshipping community which calls the mother church of the Diocese of Huron its home. 

Click here to download the Cathedral Choir Mission Statement as a PDF.